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What is robbery?

Some might assume that robbery is just a generic name for stealing. However, it is actually its own specific type of crime.

Hey bartender, double check those IDs or end up with a felony?

The reality is that times have changed. When adults in Jefferson City were young, their parents may have let them have a few beers with their friends. A senior in college may buy a freshman a case for the day. It doesn’t seem like much of a crime, but today the rules are very different and enforced strictly.

Missouri leaders discuss need for specialized gun court

Although many courts might have general jurisdiction to hear a range of civil issues, some commentators believe that specialized courts may be needed to address the unique needs of certain plaintiffs. For example, many judicial systems across the country have created courts expressly for defendants with mental health issues. Specialized courts may also be created to address niche issues, like substance abuse, or target demographics, such as the homeless or military veterans. 

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