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Federal appeals court strikes down lifetime supervised release

Supervised release is a bit like parole for people who have been convicted of federal crimes. The main difference is that supervised release is set up at the same time as a federal defendant's sentence and is meant primarily to help the defendant reintegrate into society. Parole is typically granted under the discretion of a state parole board, can be based factors beyond the original conviction, and takes the place of part of the defendant's sentence.

One for the record books? A mass dismissal of wrongful convictions

"[I]t remains somewhat of a mystery," states one national media report that recently chronicled the flatly notable and admittedly bizarre story involving a so-called "rogue lab chemist" whose conduct is now impacting the criminal justice system in one state in a monumental way.

What is the felony level of drug manufacturing in Missouri?

The charge level a person accused of a felony drug crime is facing matters greatly. It can impact what punishments they could face if convicted, as well as other aspects of their case. So, when a person has had felony drug allegations brought against them, what level of charges they could end up facing can be an important detail for them to have a clear understanding of.

Meth lab seizures down in Missouri

There have been lots of anti-meth efforts taken here in Missouri and in the rest of America. Many of these efforts have been aimed at cutting down on the manufacturing of the drug in makeshift meth labs. Among the tactics police sometimes use in their enforcement efforts against meth manufacturing are meth lab seizures. Serious drug charges can come out of such seizures.

What does it mean to be a prior or persistent drug offender?

Drug charges are a severe thing to face to begin with. There are certain things though that can even further up the potential consequences for those accused of drug offenses here in Missouri. One is if the person falls under the definition of a prior or repeat offender.

Drug possession generally a felony offense in Missouri

Drug possession allegations are an incredibly serious thing to face here in Missouri, even if the amount a person is accused of possessing is very small. This is because, for almost all types of controlled substances, being accused of possessing them illegally in any amount in the state could expose a person to felony charges.

Police focus on buyers and sellers of heroin in mid-Missouri

Police in Missouri and throughout the country have long maintained that one of their biggest concerns, in terms of enforcing drug laws, is going after drug dealers. However, non-violent drug users who have never before dealt drugs often find themselves caught up in the criminal justice system, in many cases because of addiction.

Topic focus: applying immigration laws to drug offenses

If you're inclined toward the occasional use of marijuana and are a resident, say, of Colorado or Washington state, you can light up a joint or two (with some restrictions) without having to look over your shoulder in fearful anticipation that police officers are about to descend on you.

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