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Missouri considering cellphone use ban for for-hire drivers

Being accused of a traffic violation can have major impacts on anyone. It can have particularly big impacts though on those who drive as part of their occupation, such as truckers, bus drivers and commercial vehicle drivers. For these individuals, such accusations could not only expose them to fines, but also impact their livelihood. What happens in regards to tickets such individuals are given for alleged traffic violations could affect their ability to keep earning a living out on the roads. For one, if a ticket holds, it could hurt their driving reputation among employers and potential customers.

Do you know your rights to protect your home and property?

On Nov. 4., 2016, a St. Louis' man was arbitrarily shot while stealing a vehicle from a residence. The shot proved to be fatal. This past week, the homeowner who shot the thief was charged with second-degree murder and involuntary manslaughter. Which prompts the question: Do you know your rights when it comes to protecting your home and property?

When allegations of computer equipment tampering arise

Computers play a very big role in our world. Given this, tampering with computers and things related to them has the potential to have major impacts. Missouri law takes efforts to protect computers from tampering. This includes making a variety of types of computer-related tampering against the law.

Governor signs deck of crime-related bills into law

Missouri, like all States, is set up to operate under the rule of law. The foundation of that rule is the U.S. Constitution, which most readers appreciate is now several hundred years old. That might leave you with the impression that this foundation is solid as the Rock of Gibraltar, but the beauty of the U.S. legal system is that it is one of controlled dynamism. It can and often does change in line with the needs of society.

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