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Missouri considering cellphone use ban for for-hire drivers

Being accused of a traffic violation can have major impacts on anyone. It can have particularly big impacts though on those who drive as part of their occupation, such as truckers, bus drivers and commercial vehicle drivers. For these individuals, such accusations could not only expose them to fines, but also impact their livelihood. What happens in regards to tickets such individuals are given for alleged traffic violations could affect their ability to keep earning a living out on the roads. For one, if a ticket holds, it could hurt their driving reputation among employers and potential customers.

Skilled traffic ticket defense attorneys can help people who drive as part of their occupation with addressing the special concerns they have when facing allegations of having violated traffic laws.

Another unique issue that can arise for people who drive for a living when it comes to traffic laws is that they can sometimes be subject to special rules and regulations. Here in Missouri, lawmakers are considering adding a new special rule for one particular class of individuals who derive income from driving.

The proposed rule would apply to drivers who give people rides for a fee. This would include ride-sharing service drivers and tax drivers. The rule would make it so such drivers would be banned from using phones or other handheld devices to text, make/take calls or engage in electronic messaging when driving.

One wonders what Missouri’s legislature will ultimately decide when it comes to this proposal. What impacts do you think this proposed rule would have on for-hire drivers?

Source: Missourinet, “Bill to restrict distractions for drivers-for-hire makes progress in MO legislature,” Jason Taylor, March 21, 2017

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