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What is the felony level of drug manufacturing in Missouri?

The charge level a person accused of a felony drug crime is facing matters greatly. It can impact what punishments they could face if convicted, as well as other aspects of their case. So, when a person has had felony drug allegations brought against them, what level of charges they could end up facing can be an important detail for them to have a clear understanding of.

One of the things that can be a potential point of confusion for a drug crime suspect when it comes to this detail is that some types of drug crimes can come in at different charge levels, depending on the circumstances. When a person is accused of this type of offense, skilled lawyers can help them with understanding what the particulars of the accusations they are facing mean for what level of charges could be brought against them.

One type of felony drug crime in which charge level can vary here in Missouri is drug manufacturing. Under current Missouri law, it is typically a Class C felony to illegally manufacture or attempt to manufacture drugs.

However, there are certain circumstances that can cause a manufacturing charge to rise to a higher level. For example, if an alleged attempted manufacturing was of meth and it is alleged that the attempt resulted in a fire or explosion that killed or seriously hurt someone, the charge can jump all the way up to a class A felony. A manufacturing charge can jump to a class B felony if is alleged that the manufacturing occurred within a certain distance of certain types of property. This includes schools and colleges.

Also, there are some circumstances in which the felony level of a manufacturing charge can drop. Specifically, it falls to a class E felony if the allegations regard the manufacturing of marijuana or synthetic cannabis at an amount at or under 35 grams.

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