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Bill proposes change in the age for trying people as adults

One thing that can have a very significant impact on a young person here in Missouri who has been accused of a criminal offense is if they are tried as an adult.

When is a young person accused of a crime tried as an adult here in Missouri? Well, under current state law, any person 17 or older who is charged with a criminal offense is automatically prosecuted as an adult.

Big difference in sentencing between 1st and 2nd degree rape

Many evidence-related issues can be significant ones in cases involving allegations of rape. Among these are issues touching on whether a person accused of rape would be facing a first-degree or a second-degree rape charge.

One reason why whether a person is charged with first-degree or second-degree rape is such a big matter is that the prison sentence range for a conviction is quite different between the two.

What is the felony level of drug manufacturing in Missouri?

The charge level a person accused of a felony drug crime is facing matters greatly. It can impact what punishments they could face if convicted, as well as other aspects of their case. So, when a person has had felony drug allegations brought against them, what level of charges they could end up facing can be an important detail for them to have a clear understanding of.

One of the things that can be a potential point of confusion for a drug crime suspect when it comes to this detail is that some types of drug crimes can come in at different charge levels, depending on the circumstances. When a person is accused of this type of offense, skilled lawyers can help them with understanding what the particulars of the accusations they are facing mean for what level of charges could be brought against them.

New Year’s weekend saw over 100 DWI arrests in Missouri

When a new year begins, everyone wants to get their year off to a good start. Some things can create some significant challenges on this front though. One is if one is facing criminal allegations in relation to their driving over the New Year’s holiday period. This holiday period can see a fair number of arrests out on the roads, including arrests for suspected drunk driving.

According to state troopers, over 100 people were arrested for suspected DWI here in Missouri over this year’s New Year’s weekend. Specifically, troopers arrested 103 individuals over this period.

Meth lab seizures down in Missouri

There have been lots of anti-meth efforts taken here in Missouri and in the rest of America. Many of these efforts have been aimed at cutting down on the manufacturing of the drug in makeshift meth labs. Among the tactics police sometimes use in their enforcement efforts against meth manufacturing are meth lab seizures. Serious drug charges can come out of such seizures.

Statistics indicate that meth lab seizures have been going down in number here in Missouri in recent years.

What would be your most effective deterrent for drunk driving?

The holiday season is one of the busiest times of year for drunk driving. Naturally enough, a lot of people consume alcohol on special occasions and parties, and there are a lot of those. Not everyone who consumes alcohol will go on to drive while intoxicated, of course, and it's hard to say what motivates people to do so.

Here in Missouri as in many states, we rely on a combination of criminal penalties, license points, license suspension, fines, fees, SR-22 insurance, and mandated ignition interlocks to deter drunk driving. The courts work with first offenders and people suffering from addiction by transferring their cases to DWI court. Restricted and limited driving privileges are available so people convicted of DWI can still work.

Do you know your rights to protect your home and property?

On Nov. 4., 2016, a St. Louis' man was arbitrarily shot while stealing a vehicle from a residence. The shot proved to be fatal. This past week, the homeowner who shot the thief was charged with second-degree murder and involuntary manslaughter. Which prompts the question: Do you know your rights when it comes to protecting your home and property?

The man now facing criminal charges was awakened in the early morning hours by his car alarm. When he looked out and saw a man near his car, he allegedly called out for the man to stop. As the man drove away in his vehicle, he fired off several shots. One of those shots turned out to be fatal. Both car and driver were discovered later after running into a garage. The driver was dead. Now the criminal justice system will decide if this homeowner was justified in his actions.

The career implications of a felony conviction

A felony conviction can have impacts on a person long after any prison time or probation they were given has been served. This includes career impacts. They could find having the type of career they want very difficult or impossible.

For one, having a felony conviction on one’s record can make the process of applying for a job more difficult. The presence of such a conviction might cause some prospective employers to pass a person over for a job, particularly if the felony in question touched on some of the things the job would involve (like working with money). This can make finding the kind of job they want an uphill battle for a person with a felony.

Familial DNA searches gaining ground

There are various different techniques law enforcement could turn to for using DNA to try to identify the perpetrator of a crime. Today, we will be talking about one controversial such technique that has been gaining ground here in the United States.

This technique is the familial DNA search. This isn’t the usual type of DNA search in which police look at available DNA databases for a full match to DNA evidence they discovered at the scene of a crime. Rather, it involves them looking for partial matches in these databases. The idea behind this is that partial matches may end up flagging relatives of the perpetrator, and that this could help police identify perpetrators who themselves aren’t in the available DNA databases.

When allegations of computer equipment tampering arise

Computers play a very big role in our world. Given this, tampering with computers and things related to them has the potential to have major impacts. Missouri law takes efforts to protect computers from tampering. This includes making a variety of types of computer-related tampering against the law.

One of the computer tampering charges under Missouri law is the charge of tampering with computer equipment.

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